Dental services that we provide in BATO DENT

In BATO DENT treat patients of all ages who provides complete dental care, including:

All dental health services:

  • Emergency care
  • Giving a second opinion - consultation
  • X-rays of teeth (digital recording)
  • Preventive Dentistry (sealants, fluoride)

Endodontic (canal) treatment of teeth:

  • root implants

Oral surgery

  • Tooth extraction
  • Implants

All prosthetic services:

  • porcelain crowns
  • Dentures (partial and total vision)

Oral hygiene services:

  • Ultrasonic cleaning and polishing teeth
  • Treatment of periodontal pockets

Dental implantology

Despite the progress of dental prosthetics and general dentistry, standard mobile and fixed prostheses shows numerous chewing, fonetic, aesthetic and other shortcomings. Because reducing these gaps and achieving greater functional uniti, dentistry has reached the pinnacle of its development with the advent of dental implants, which open opportunities prosthetic works to plan differently and far better on patient satisfaction.

With the emergence of implants, tens of thousands of people get a second chance for the perfect replacement of lost teeth. If properly set up, they replace natural teeth and eliminate all problems. Patients who have implants say they can better crushing food, chew properly, speak better and they are more confident in yourself. If you have any of this problems with teeth, with us you have to decide whether you are a candidate for and mplanti. We will do a complete examination of the oral cavity and digital panoramic X-ray image and decide whether you are a candidate for implants regardless of your age.

As a little education before you visit our office we believe it is necessary to know that implants are titanium screws (bolts) that is surgically placed into the jawbone. Bolts is very stable in the bone and it is then placed crown thus obtained artificial tooth with a very natural appearance. The implant actually replaces the lost tooth root, so it can be put crown. With implants can replace one, several or all teeth in the mouth. It can be used as leverage for single tooth, for fixed bridges, partial or complete dentures.



FAQ about placing dental implants :

Whether setting implants is contraindicated in older age?

The procedure is low risk so they can be applied in patients aged 70,80 and up to 90 years, depending on the health condition, which means there is no upper age limit.

Is it possible allergy to dental implants?

Titanium implant on the market more than 40 years and have not yet discovered allergy.

Are implants may affect cardiac pacemakers?

No implants have no elektromagnetic effect .

How long does the procedure of implanting?

Setting an implant takes an average of 20 minutes.

If I am diabetic do i can set the implants?

ДYes you may if the diabetes is controlled.

What is the lifespan of the implant?

After a phase of recovery, implant he will be much more resistant to impact than natural root .With constant oral hygiene and appropriate care implants can last a lifetime .

Can I eat normally after the implantation?

In the first period immediately after the intervention is recommended to eat soft food and liquid on the side of the implanted teeth ,until after the period of recovery will be able to eat normally.

Do i can immediately put my implant after tooth extraction?

Yes it is a relatively common procedure today, but the same will consult with your dentist.

Do the implants imediatly loaded with crown or bridge?

It depends on the condition of your jaw and position the implants. However this will also consult with your dentist.

From what is made the implants?

The implants are 99% pure titanium. Titanium is still the gold standard as a material for implants.

Are there any interactions if you are taking certain drugs before and after implantation?

Cortisone and anticoagulants have an impact on the process of implantation and postoperative recovery. In any case, tell your dentist about any medications you are taking at the time of implantation or afterwards.

Will I feel pain after the intervention or would have any complaints?

You may have swelling, but with appropriate treatment it would be canceled. If again you get any pain free take analgesic.

Will I be without teeth during the healing period?

There is an opportunity to elaborate mobile temporary prosthesis or temporary crown. This also consult with your dentist who will recommend whether the situation requires making temporary constructions.

How many visits are necessary for the success of the whole treatment?

This is individual and depends on the type and extent of treatment. The first visit is usually for consultation with a dentist and is usually intended for preliminary examinations and treatment planning. Then possesses lining the implant. After a few days after checking the site of implantation, and after 7-10 days the stitches are removed. After a period of 3-4 months after healing of the implant to the bone later to proceed with the next stages of development of prosthetic,crown or bridge .


On the day of surgery and two days the after:

  • dont smoke
  • do not consume alcohol
  • eat soft food and juice
  • after a meal, rinse your mouth but dont iritate the wound
  • Maintain normal hygiene with tooth brush the remaining teeth
  • Do not use extra medicine not recommended by your doctor
  • Do not expose the physical effort

Up to 6 weeks after surgery to avoid:

  • chewing in the area of implants
  • strong physical effort
  • for each change of state (swelling ,redness, pain and ulceration) inform and if necessary go to a checkup with a doctor .

Conditions for success

  • Regular check-ups
  • permanent dental hygiene of the oral cavity which occurs after every meal is inevitable and mandatory requirement for greater durability of the implants.

Oral hygiene services

Cleaning of tartar

Plaque is common and may occur at irregular tooth brushing and other reasons as may be coffee and cigarettes. Plaque can occur on all teeth.Over time on the teeth are showing soft deposits called dental plaque, which can later be mineralized.Dental plaque is a layer of bacteria and carbohydrates, and when mineralized turns into tartar. Dental stone is white - yellowish color and can be observed visually or by touch.Prevention from creation of tartar is with regularly brushing teeth, and can be used floss. Tartar and plaque are removed with ultrasound device .

X-ray diagnostics with dental RVG sensor.

Giving out consultations, second opinion.

Teeth whitening

Achieving incredible smile nowadays is easier than ever. People like you every day improve its appearance and increase self-confidence with the help of professional tooth whitening. Our office offers a combination of whitening in the office and at home, thereby giving a new life to your smile that had lost its appeal.

Is teeth whitening safe?

Definitely. Studies and clinical trials show that bleaching of teeth under the supervision of a dentist is safe and effective procedure, confirmed by the dentists worldwide. . However bleaching teeth is not recommended for children under 13-year olds and pregnant and lactating women. All bleaching materials that we use in our clinic, approved by the World Dental Academy and the American Administration Food and Drug Administration (FDA).

Teeth whitening in the dental office?

In our office we use leading whitening system special adhesive gel Opalescence Tooth Whitening Systems that changes the color of your teeth more shades brighter than the ground state. In a relaxed atmosphere, perfect protection for the patient and the dentist .

Use home whitening system for teeth through personal positioners! Bleaching, through this way in local conditions is recommended after bleaching in a dental office, with a duration of about one hour. The longer time goes bleaching procedure, the longer will be the effect of bleaching. The teeth will remain white for a long time if they whitened gradually.Very important it is to use positioners to be specially made for your teeth, to match perfectly, and as such are much more practical and universal guarantee of better results in the bleaching of hard available places. During the procedure for whitening avoid dark colored foods and drinks such as coffee, tea, red wine, beet. If you smoke, try to reduce or stop smoking. If it is difficult for you, do not take a dark colored drinks and food for at least three hours after bleaching procedure If after bleaching procedure is continuously see in the mirror, do not do that, there are not likely to notice results .The best and easiest way to see the long-awaited result of bleaching is to capture your teeth before starting the bleaching two weeks after.Then will certainly see the difference and you will be satisfied with the result. Keep your pearly white smile, wash your teeth twice a day! After receiving the dark colored foods and beverages, rinse your mouth! Every six months, repeat the procedure for teeth whitening and rejoice the envious glances of the people around you!

Nano composite fulfillment

Restoration of carious lesions and replacing them with nano composite fulfillment

The real revolution in terms of dental materials for direct charging (sealing) arose in the middle of the last century when it emerged composite.Behinde white as a basic feature of contemporary amalgam fillings have many other features: do not dissolve in saliva, not emit anything on their composition during work with them, nice look and easy to use. You can shape so completely emitted shape of the tooth. Composite fulfillment realize chemical bond with dental tissue, so preparation of dental tissue do not must be extensive as the amalgam fulfillment . Most composite fulfillment are materials which harden under the influence of concentrated ultravioleted light. Then it can be polished to get the final look and high aesthetics.

In the last 20 years occurred another great revolution in this area, with the invention of nanocomposites. They are even less contract after polymerization compared to the previous generation and better submit chewing forces of lateral teeth.With its appearance, transparency, opalescency and fluorescence identical to the natural tooth, nano composite fillings are practically invisible and perfectly fit into the remaining tooth.

Nano composites used for: small and medium-sized landfills (seals), replacement of amalgam fillings in the side teeth, recharge cracks in the teeth, correcting the shape of the teeth, correcting the color of the tooth.

Rehabilitation of small erosive changes on gingival part of the tooth

Erosive changes occur mostly in gingival part of the tooth in the form of small dents. These changes are usually painless but very often sensitive to cold .It has been noted that such changes often occur in people with traumatic occlusion, people often suck lemon, eat toast, improper brushing teeth, etc. It is recommended in such cases not to use very abrasive pastes, as well as those containing caustic soda, as could further deepen the pits .To remedy this situation, they use special glasionomer seals without a greater scraping of healthy tooth substance. Such changes must be repaired in time because if left as such will come to the creation of cavities and further damage to the tooth.

Root canal treatment

The therapeutic intervention is the removal of the complete tooth pulp and root canal filling. Next, sealing or making prosthetic upgrades, given that the tooth does not have the same strength. Treatment of root channels is provide in most painless conditions under local anesthesia.

Endodontic treatment to be properly displayed, you should observe certain conditions :

  • Apsolutly dry working area (we have Cofferdam-tool prevents penetration of blood, saliva and prevents infilltracion of bacteria)
  • Exactly showing the length of the root canal and proximity of the tip to the root, with the apex locator;
  • Exact instrumentation with endodontic tools of modern technology by ULTRADENT (AET)
  • Steryl conditions;
  • Rtg control- in the form of digital x-ray and
  • Exact three-dimensional obturation (filling the root canal).

Why and when required treatment?

The treatment is necessary in case of deep caries reaches the pulpal chamber and caused pain when there is necrosis of the dental pulp, acute and chronic periapical processes in the presence of fistula over the tooth root (place for drainage of purulent process that is located in periapikal space).

What if after the treatment occurs pain?

If tooth after treatment hurt after 2-3 days, it is a normal reaction that will was gone. But if the tooth which is endodonski treated (clean and full), still hurt you, there is a chance to develop chronic periapical process, because of which, it should be an audit, is to remove the old filling and repeat the whole procedure.

What will happen if after audit tooth still hurt?

In this cases only treatment it is possible to be done to resolve the inflammatory process is apiektomi. It is small chirutgical procedure, under local anesthesia, and then is removed the top of the roots and clean inflammatory process. Apiektomy is performed quickly and do not causes major trauma to soft tissues and bone.

Can i take antibiotic after treatment?

You can use antibiotic in some cases depending on situation but only prescribed by doctor !

Sealing of fissure

Procedure to be carried out immediately after the first permanent teeth, which is the sixth tooth (especially those stuck with deeper fissures) in order to protect teeth from decay because fissures are places where most food residue. The whole procedure is painless and performed without scraping of the tooth.

Prevention of bruxism


Bruxism is parafunctional activity is characterized by unwanted clutching teeth as a result of rhythmic muscular contractions of the muscles for chewing. It may occur during the day or during the night .In a study conducted of respondents indicated that during the 24h teeth is in contact 18 minutes, which means that anything more than that leads to serious temporomandibular complex (temporomandibular joint and articulated links) mastikator muscle damage teeth wich results with morning headaches and unexplained facial pain.Bruxiz has a broad etiology.

Foremost is a combination of psychological disorders (neuroses, and can also occur as concomitant reaction of antidepressants), psychosomatic (damage to the brain and neuromuscular disorders), dental (result of incorrect bite, impacted teeth, orthodontic treatments) but can also occur as a result of bad habits (eating the nails, nibbling items, reliance on head during learning or watching TV).

Symptoms include:

  • gnashing of teeth and unpleasant sounds with movement of the jaw also known as klick sounds;
  • persistent morning headache;
  • tense and painful jaw muscles;
  • chronic pain face
  • damaged teeth, damage to the pulp and gingiva;
  • hypersensitivity of the teeth;
  • pain in the neck and ear.

The diagnosis for this pathology first we begin a serious conversation with the patient. Of particular interest are the current problems of the patient, his health and medicines if taken, consuming alcoholic beverages and caffeine, because it increases the propensity to bruxism. Then follows a detailed review in the mouth to see the current situation and caused damage, review the sensitivity of the jaw muscles, dental irregularities. Then follows a review of the bite and x-ray.

Mostly during the search in this disease notice: abrasion of the teeth (the most reliable sign), changing the physiognomy-cut lower third of the face, muscle hypertrophy, irritation of the buccal mucosa.

In light of this disease we try through a nice conversation to explain to our patients that control stress is major work !!! Used anxiolytics and relaxants of drug therapy, while we produce our office base stabilization of acrylate which affect the redistribution of power, rationalization of temporomandibular joint and stabilized, protecting teeth from spending muscular relaxation and dental health spending.

Oral surgery

Extraction of teeth

surgical interventions

  • apicoectomy
  • resection

Restorative dentistry


CAD / CAM system is a blend between computer technology and dentistry.

CAD / CAM abbreviation means computer assisted design and computer aided manufacturing. The main advantage of this system compared to a traditional method of preparation of crowns is the duration of the preparation thereof which is 80 to 140 minutes, as well as avoiding taking classical impression, the same procedure has been replaced by taking a digital impression .

CAD / CAM system is used for making restorations, such as crowns, veneers, bridges, inlays and onlays.

Titan ceramics

Since titanium is used for making crowns, he is a first-class choice of material. Computer Supported process of modelling unites more advantages than before.

Your crown will be perfectly and precisely constructed .Crown is very important. We would like to introduce you to the most significant things that make titanium as a material unified and productive.

Neutrality to allergies no irritability

30% of the population is sensitive to allergies and this percentage is increasing steadily. Titan? Surgical interventions up to crowns in the last decades in medical practice is no single case of allergic reaction.

Reactivity - perfect protection

Titan is also called reactive material. On its surface is creates a one of the most resistant oxides from the world of minerals. It isolates your crowns and bridges from chemical attacks of mild acidic spices, aggressive fluids and rusting- this protection in the titanium implants may have a shelf life of 1 million years.


Diagnosis through the crown. Titan is the only material for fabrication of crowns that can no trouble to undergo X-ray. Timely and reliable diagnosis of caries in doubt, your crown or bridge should not be removed. Thus saving time, hassle, money - because any removal or replacement of the crown will cost much more


Easy and neutral in taste, no sense of metal in the mouth. Titan insulate hot and cold 14 times better than dental gold alloy and is 4 times lighter than the same, but at least equally persistent and absolutely no flavor of metal.


However, gold and other metals for the preparation of crowns and titanium can be bet. Specially prepared and milling Evert Titan is subjected to coating with excellent durability and striking aesthetics.


In coating metals with ceramics over time remains the contour line of the transition to the gums. Titanium crowns in this line is virtually invisible. By choosing the Titanium as material for your crowns get translucent, glossy, perfectly smooth and highly aesthetic teeth in the final finish .

Full Zirkonia - Metal free ceramics

Metal-free ceramic has a leading position among ceramic materials. Its high performance and features:

  • biocompatibility
  • translucency
  • ideal durability and strength
  • esthetic ideal

do only when choosing a perfect smile especially for frontal teeth. The advantage is processed using modern 3D Cad Cam computer technology with precision workmanship that can be described as perfection. Zirkon material is often used in medicine for surgical 2nd level of purity that means acceptance of the human body as their own.

So there is no fear that the body would reject as foreign body or any allergic reaction to it. Crystal characterized by durability, consistency and preserving their physical and chemical properties,consistency in color and unbreakable , its a 4 times stronger and much lighter than the metal used for metal ceramic workings.Possess high aesthetic properties ... translucency vitality and luster that enable visual effect very close to natural teeth. Because not even the perceived tooth sequence. Especially important in end effect is absent dark line in gingiva usually over the years occurs in the drafting of teeth that have underlying metal.

100% Zirkonia

The move to greater perfection, no method of applying ceramic brush, closer to realistic forms of tooth. A single method and materials now available to us which enables the realization of 100% Zirkonia without the use of ceramics.

100% Zirkonia is practically unbreakable, it is unlikely crown of 100% Zirkonia to rupture or break in the mouth, of course, if properly prepared and placed in the mouth correctly. So, the only fault that has high cost which has such prosthetic preparation shows that it may be more economically viable if seen and planned a longer period of time. When it comes to the final finish that offers aesthetics that offers this preparation is undeniable perfect with full anatomical morphology and color close to natural teeth.


Painless way to improve the appearance of the front teeth, porcelain veneers represent or dental veneers, which are one of the newer innovations in dentistry. With a thickness of only 0.3 to 0.5 mm is set by bonding in the front of the tooth.

Laminates represent the ideal solution for pacienit with separated teeth (dijastema), abrasive and erosive teeth and stained teeth. Using laminates can change the size, shape, color and even the position of the teeth closing spaces between them, which is carried out restoration of damaged and cracked teeth.

Metal ceramics

Metal ceramics crowns are a type of crowns that are commonly used for many years, with long-term strength and durability, with satisfactory aesthetics, but their metal base prevents passage of light. Translucency of metal ceramics crowns these work is satisfactory but is not perfect .Metal it may occur and allergic reactions .Usually patients choice for back teeth. The biggest advantage of these works is the acceptable price.


Thus if in the mouth has natural teeth or dentures to compensate all teeth, dentures can be: partial (partial) and complete (total). According to the material they are made, dentures are divided into: classic (full acrylic), skeleton (vision, Wisil),titanium Wisil and silicone.

Partial skeleton Prostheses (Wissil)

Partial skeleton dentures are mobile prosthetic fabrication which basically makes metal skeleton. It can be combined with many constructive solutions with cast hooks with lekodent attachments with Bredent attachments, Ce-Ka attachments.These prosthesis are made as compensation for lost permanent teeth, they are less susceptible to breakage, allow easier and better hygiene and maintenance. Its allow way of making ceramic crowns and bridges in order to protect the remaining natural teeth by the action of force transmitted from the prosthesis .Cast hooks most often is unacceptable for patients because of aesthetics in which case optimal solution is attachments and aesthetic completely is acceptable because it is little seen.